SPANISH CARD - Pasa Lindo Celebration Card

SPANISH CARD - Pasa Lindo Celebration Card

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SPANISH CARD - Pasa Lindo Card - Celebration Spanish Card - Tarjeta Español - Feliz Cumpleaños Card

This "Pasa Lindo" Spanish card brings back a Latin American tradition with a Latin twist. A "Chiva" or "Party Bus" is a popular way to party and celebrate with friends and family, old school! This card is a way to wish someone to have a good time, and/or a happy birthday! (Feliz cumpleaños!)

Created from the original drawing using watercolor, watercolor pencils and ink and printed on card stock.

Blank interior.

5.5 X 4.25" (A2 Size) - Comes with an envelope and inside an individual plastic sleeve. 

Printed on digitally and folded manually. Locally made in NYC.

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